“Asoka has been providing a service to our start-up as part-time Finance Director for over 6 years. During this time I have not only been impressed by Asoka’s professional knowledge and integrity in the role, but also by his clear commitment to contributing to the success of our venture as a whole. His contribution to us goes well beyond the contractually agreed responsibilities we originally hired him for – we now consider him to be an integral member of our team. Asoka is a huge asset to our organisation and a joy to work with.”
Mark Radford, CEO, Magdi Yacoub Research Network

“As a Trust with significant private practice in a volatile market, we needed a strategy review which included an in-depth analysis of our earnings, prices and profitability, clearer insights into the way our markets were changing, and a robust review of our risks and prospects. Asoka delivered on each of those objectives in less than two months. We’re in a much stronger position as a result.”
Robert Craig, Director of Operations, Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust

“In assisting us to help maximise the income generated from our facilities, AKCA quickly understood our requirements and asked all the relevant questions. Their very professional report was received in good time with the minimum of input from ourselves, and this, together with their presence at meetings, has been very helpful indeed.”
Richard Pearson, Projects Director, Royal Free Hospital NHS Trust

“AKCA provides us with consulting services in healthcare. Their experience and knowledge in the healthcare market has been invaluable in helping us to evaluate potential acquisitions and investment opportunities in the UK healthcare market place.”
Cherian Thomas, CEO, C&C Alpha Group Ltd

“We chose AKCA since it suited our business needs to have a part time Finance Director. Asoka chose and implemented our accounting system and advises us on all the financial aspects of the business. Having an experienced Finance Director such as Asoka on board to advise and help manage the finances gives us great confidence as we grow the business.”
John Oxtaby, Director, Enovation UK Ltd